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Tattoo Styles

This studios Tattoo Artists abilities are second to none when it comes to a bold color saturation. Whether the styles are  illustrations, surrealism, cartooning, water color, with neo'isum's contribution to the traditional styles, blending color saturation that stands the test of time, the first time. Maybe black & gray shade might be the style that interest you with americana, portrait, photo-realism, silhouette, tribal and bio-mechanics.  All classic traditional styles to the neo-traditional.

Micro dotting has become very popular these past few years and one of the most requested. Multiple styles can fit the needs of those of us with expensive skin.  

Experience everything from great line-work with calligraphy, sacred geometry. Whether simple or intricate  tattoos, line design and fine details make the works of art that stand the test of time.


Shop Specialties

Cover-up's are the pride of the shop. For that mistake caught in the moment, or the dermal blemish, pigmentation restoration, no matter if it's the stretch marks or the post operation scar, most common is the regrettable tattoo.  Cover up procedures are for the Tattoo Artist that is well educated, along with the experience needed to perform these procedures. 

Skilled Professionals perform micro-blading, or pigment restoration care procedures, 3-D mastectomy tattoos, and scalp rejuvenation for the confidence you want to share. The Artist will make sure your consult is dignified and handled with a professional attitude as well as the respect for all our clients. Temple Garden Tattoo has a standard that clients come to expect with original, stylish, quality ink just to fit you to look better than ever. 

With the body mod industry always pressing the envelope in modifications we have the level of experience needed to perform these procedures which requires an experienced professional. 


Advanced Care Procedures

Micro-blading, scalp pigmentation,  3-D mastectomy tattoos, post operation cover-up care procedures, 

equestrian eye liner. Our advanced piercings and dermal implants are executed with expert skills and stylish precision. With the professional standard  that is being chosen by more and more people every day.