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TgT.inked Piercing Information

All piercings are performed with implant grade surgical steel. These procedures are carried out in a safe, clean and sterile environment licensed by the State of Texas Health Department.  Our body modification artists are skilled professional certified exotic body piercers. We use the highest quality of jewelry and carry the years newest trends. 

We are dedicated to making your piercing a safe and memorable experience. You decide how to modify your body. We help you make it happen. We are clinically trained professionals certified to prerform all bodymod's with expert precision.


Our Body Mod Artist DO NOT use piercing guns as they can not be adequately sterilized and consider them dangerous. 

The lists below does not contain every piercing available.  If you don’t see what you want on the list, please call the studio to check for availability. 

 *Jewelry prices drastically vary depending on metal type (stainless surgical steel 314L, implant grade titanium/solid 14 karat gold/etc) and gemstone type (Swarovski crystals/genuine diamonds/precious stones/etc).


All adults (18+) *MUST* have a valid government or state issued photo ID in order to get pierced. Piercing policy for minors: Minor *MUST* be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. (Copies of court appointed guardianship necessary for legal guardians.) Minor *MUST* have a photo ID *and* birth certificate. Parent/Legal guardian *MUST* have valid photo ID.